How do I do this? How do I look into booking a party?

Submit a form on our contact page or give us a call 609.752.6534! We make it quick and easy!

How do I know the trailer can come to my house?

Our drivers are excellent and can go nearly anywhere. As long as your driveway or street isn’t a very sharp hill, we can come. Otherwise, you can divert us to a nearby park, church or parking lot!

Will the kids know what to do?

That’s why we bring our Game Coach! Our Coaches helps the kids along so we can make sure your party is the party of the year!

Should I be concerned about the type of games for kids?

If you have such concurs, inform the employee at the time of booking or the Game Coach upon arrival. We will ensure the game selection is satisfactory to your requests. If no such request is made, our Game Coaches will follow the lead of the guest(s) of honor and make sure they are having the time of their lives! A list of our games can be made available to whomever asks.

What about bad weather?

We come rain, shine, temps below freezing or over 100 degrees – we are climate controlled! As long as it is safe for us to drive.

What time should I make the party?

We suggest that you tell your guests that the party is one hour or half-hour before our arrival time – that way they eat first & they all see the grand arrival of our gaming trailer!

What if too many people show up to the party? Is there an extra charge?

No way! We ensure that everyone is having fun and gets their turn at playing.

Do I request certain games?

We always bring the full game library to every event and your Game coach will listen to and make suggestions to make your event successful. We do request that if you want a specific game that you inform us at the time of booking.

Do I tip the Game Coach?

The Game Coach is there to make sure that your group is making the most of our high-tech fun. Tipping for service is a great idea, but not required.

Do I have to pay for the party in advance?

Our reservations go quickly. In order to hold your booking, we do require a deposit of $100. Instructions on how to do so will be given to you at the time of booking. Failure to submit a deposit will result in your date and time to still open for booking by others. Please call to discuss if your organization or situation is an exception and we can talk about options.

How do the invitations work?

As soon as we receive your deposit, we mail invitations to you at the address specified during booking.

What time will you be arriving?

The Game Coach arrives in plenty of time to be setup and start your party at the designated start time. Normally between 10-20 minutes ahead of time.